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Festive Puffing!

Hi Everyone!

This might seem like a really silly question but when undergoing investigations do they test you for nicotine? I am an ex-smoker and stopped completely 4 and a half years ago, I havent as much though twice about cigarettes in the four and a half years and then over the festive after a few tipples i had a few cigarettes! I have no idea why, but i did!

Should I tell this to the consultant when I am back at my next appointment?


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No they dont check. They ask you if you smoke thats all.. they will believe you .


Thank you sum1sweeta, i have been in a panic over this and feeling really guilty! x


Hi weetwinkle. Hope you've managed to get back off the ciggies since Christmas. It would be such a shame if you slipped back, as you had done so well. Good luck with your appointment. Diane


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