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Semen analysis results?

Does anyone else feel like they are blundering along in the dark, with no one to help them along or point them in the right direction?

I feel like im being left to organise everything myself and when I do try to do something its obstacle after obstacle!

Just now I have called up my gynecologist secretary to find out results of my partners semen analysis only to be told they can’t give me the results over the phone as I am not my partner. So although its me who is under investigation, my gynecologist has requested we have these test on my partner and yet no one will discuss the results with me. I have checked with our GP and there has been nothing noted on his file with them so looks like the results went straight to my file! I am back in February to the consultant but just find this all rather ridiculous! Going to be a long 6 week wait for the results

Has anyone else come across this?


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Hi - you're both under investigation, hence your partner undergoing semen analysis. Often they want to explain these to you in person, but surely your partner can make the call and ask for an ealy copy. But, part of it will be for them to look at your resulsts and his results togetehr to identify a forward strategy.

If the tests have been called by the hospital, they might not be on the GP files, as these systems join up later rather than automatically is my understanding.

6 weeks for the follow-up appointment is fairly quick, not that it will feel like it, so try and put this at the back of your mind over Christmas and New Year, and then focus afterwards on the forthcoming year.

Good luck.


Thanks Flowergirl.

So far its only me thats under investigation, the semen analysis was requested to rule or include my partner as part of the problem.

My appointment has been in the diary for 3 months it just happens to be that length of time it has taken to organise the appointment for the semen analysis ect we are down to 6 week wait. x


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