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Sperm analysis


Please help,

So my partner had his sperm test two weeks ago, I’ve rang for results as it takes time with the nhs. We’ve had no phone call from the consultant just she’ll ring u back possibly over the weekend or I need to ring back Tuesday. Anyway they’ve now sent us another lot to do the test again but it’s not until 24th April, we are extremely worried as to why we need to carry out the test again. Has anyone had anything similar and why would they need to re take it.

Thanks we are worried xxx

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Try not to worry, the NHS like to repeat the sperm analysis as numbers and their morphology & motility (shape & movement) can fluctuate so it's just to get a clear picture!xx


Hi S-wind. Try not to worry. Even if there is a tiny problem, his semen needs to be analysed 2 months after the first sample. It takes 2 months for sperm to mature, hence the wait. Each sample contains mature sperm and immature sperm, so they need a good selection to analyse. Hope all goes well. Diane

Does anyone know if nhs take private sperm analysis? And which clinics are best, got one create fertility and Manchester fertility or anyone suggest any others which are good. Thanks xxx

Hi so she’s not concerned about the test thank goodness thank you everyone for your help once again. So glad I’ve joined this all because a lovely lady on the postnatal ward where I work suggested it after her struggle. I don’t know what I would of done without it. What’s everyone’s thoughts on clomid I’m about to try it for the first time? Scared of side effects xx

Hi Emily! I read your post. It is absolutely right that surrogacy is the best option than adoption. Because the adopted baby is not your own. But the baby born by surrogacy is of your own genes. There is a lot more satisfaction that the genes of the baby are of your family. Yeah, it is true there is need of awareness to the people. Adoption is not a right option to being parents. There is need to encourage the people about surrogacy.

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