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OMG just had a letter this morning offering me a FREE 4th IVF cycle if I donate half of my eggs for egg sharing for research in my 2nd IVF

cycle because i responded good to IVF, I still have 7 Blastocysts left over from my first failed IVF so I need to use these first, it is nice to know that they think I can afford to give some eggs away but I don't know what to do yet, I guess I am lucky lucky. x

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Wow thats amazing! I'm not surprised they're keen to do that coz you did have a fab response to treatment and the quality of your eggs left over we're good too. What a dilemma tho....deciding I mean....that's gonna be a tuffy ?!! You might not even get a chance to do ur second go.......hopefully them little frosties will get You pregnant very very soon xxxxx


Hi, whilst this is good as it confirms the quality of your eggs and response, you need to think about the long term implications. Any child born from egg donation in the UK has the opportunity to find out about you when you are 18.

Check out the Donor Conception Network who have lots of info and support available to help you through this.


Hi Flowergirl, I am not donating eggs for another woman, I am simply giving some eggs to my clinic for research so they can look at the cells inside the eggs to find new cures and make treatments better.


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