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Will I get accepted for ivf if my bmi is 30 got my weigh in on Monday and just come on so weigh more can anyone help :/

I got accepted over 6mouths ago but now that they have delayed my ivf as I am having a sperm dona as my hubby's sperm is too low. we r trying to get funded for it this is y I have to have my bmi done I was 30 bmi last time but I am Cing a different lady this time I have polycystic ovaries .i run every day so I think I carry a lot of muscle .i have been waiting 5 year I am 28next week just want to me a mum x x any advice would be good

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It seems with most clinics it's 30 or under so maybe, just keep doing what you're doing to try and lose more. Being only 28 you've got plenty of time with the Nhs try and stay positive and I hope it goes well, make sure you take as many clothes off as possible when you get weighed and try not to eat too much before you go in. Good luck x


Thank u

I will be taking evey think off lol just mean a lot and I am worried as I just feel they keep pushing us bk will up date u on Monday it may go down by the time I go I hope


I had to lose some weight too and was really worried about it, but got there in the end. Do keep us updated :)


Hi lhow81

Hi how r u . Just Thought I would up date u as I went to the hospital on Monday and my bmi was 30 and they said I have to go bk in 4 weeks hope my bmi is down to 29. It is so hard but I will get they bk on it to moz as it was my birthday yeast day will keep u up dated x


It is tricky but you're almost there! A point on bmi is usually not that much in actual weight. I'd find a bmi calculator and work out what you need to lose! You can do it. Ty for your wishes on my other post xx



I'm in exactly the same boat.

I went hosp 2weeks ago my BMI was 31 was told to come back when is 30 I am now at 30 exactly so I have an apt Tomo morn :/ however I have just come on so scared I'll weigh more :(

The annoying thing is however well get referred will just be sitting on a waiting list for a while so plenty time to lose more weight, wish they'd just refer u if ur so close x

Also I am 5ft 2 and have natural G boobs with a size 14waist :( now I wish I had smaller boobs x lol

I now weight 11.10 and am praying they refer me Tomo xxxx

Ur apt must be coming up soon as I see this post is a lol old xxx

How u getting on xx


Hi sorry for late reply. I was told to come bk wen it is 29.9 not 30 but it not deepened on where u live I live in surrey . I am going bk Monday so I think I am there I hope


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