Hi only 6 egg was any good for fertilise have 4 eggs that have fertilise xx

have a call Monday to see if they have seperated they said it is normal to lose some on each stage and they are doing well feel disappointed we had 5 last time but the quality was not good see what they say Monday what do they mean by separated is it a polite way of saying what I think xxx

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  • Hi Kat I think what the doctors/nurses are trying to say is see if they are gaining more cells daily, the more they divide the better as the more cells the better they are and more successful. If they say they are doing well then you should believe them, I am sure you will at least get a 3 day transfer. Good luck xx

  • Thank you Daniella I think that's what they were trying to say will know Monday if I have 3 day transfer or still might be 5 days Wednesday lots to understand even if its my 3rd IVF xxx

  • Hi Kat do you get 3 NHS funded cycles, we get 3 on NHS, try to keep positive for Monday.x

  • Yes 3 NHS IVF but I'm 40 in January so last one has been a rush its been so hart breaking some people don't even talk to me now or they roll there eyes its been lovey talking to you even my hubby as found it a help thank you fingers cross for you in January xx

  • Thanks Kat, Do not let others pull you down. I think you are a wonderful lady doing IVF even at 39, it makes no difference, you are doing it for a reason and that is all that counts , you have believed in your self and I think you are doing just fine. fingers crossed for Monday.x

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