Had egg retrieval yesterday and was told I had 14 eggs collected. Just got phone call today it was 15 eggs and 11 of them have fertilised!

I'm so happy with the result as this is my last cycle and really did think I was only going to end up with a few that fertilised at the most. They are getting left to blastocyst stage hopefully some make it, and I will get my transfer on Monday so excited! :) x

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  • Aww thats brilliant news.. good luck for monday x

  • Thank you so much! Hope all goes well for you tomorrow let me know how you get on good luck x

  • Congratulations that's fantastic! Good luck for Monday x

  • congrats

  • goodluck babsy123, keep us updated on the progress

  • Exact same happened to me now pregnant with twins.Good luck

  • That's great! Did they transfer 2 or did the embryo split? They're only putting 1 in me although I would like 2 as I think there's a better chance of success! x

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