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Period started but feeling ok

After more than two years of ttc, two major surgeries to remove endometriosis and repair tubes, we are still ttc naturally before we start ivf early next year.

I never get used to the '2 week wait' which is inevitably always painful, frustrating and emotionally draining. However, I have found that using an ovulation monitor / sticks has become a great help: not only because we know when we should really be trying, but it helps me to understand when I am really due my period. For example this week, officially my period was due Monday.. but because I knew that I ovulated 4 days late, I knew not to expect it until the end of the week. I was so much less stressed out this week because of this, and had far less 'what if what if' turmoil.. even though my period has now started and I am massively disappointed, I feel that it is much more under control.

Just wanted to share this so others can perhaps try the same thing. It's been a big stress relief for me, and every bit helps!

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That sounds good and something that works for you. I used to monitor my temperature, but actually gave that up, as I found it too stressful, instead focussing on lots of regular activity. My DH said that otherwise I was going crazy for a few days which was putting him under pressure to perform. Have to say, our approach never did work, and we needed fertility treatment. But whatever is right for you to get through this horrible time as a couple.... Good luck xx


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