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Is it normal to have one ovary bigger than the other and endometrium thicker at the top?

I have booked a first appointment with a private clinic and asked for copies of all my test results so far from the NHS clinic. I got a copy of my pelvic ultrasound results yesterday and it showed one ovary of 6ml volume ( which I think is about normal) and the other only 3ml ( seems really small?). Is this difference in size normal? Also the womb lining was about 7mm thick at the top, but very thin elsewhere. The dr I spoke to before said this was because the ultrasound was on day 20 of my cycle, but why the different thickness in different parts of the womb? I'll ask these questions when I have my appointment, but wondered if anyone knew?

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Could be a polyp or fibroid. My lining appears thicker on ultrasound and they tell me it's the polyps I have. They have to do another test to see whether it is polyp or not. My lining is twice as thick as yours.


Thanks Anitram. I don't think it is either a polyp or fibroid. The scan notes no abnormalities, cysts etc and my womb is a normal size. I just wondered why the lining would be thicker in one place and not in another? 7mm is not thick at all so I don't think they suspected anything like that.


One of my ovaries is half size. The clinic I was at said it was a genetic problem. Most people have 2 different size, but not dramatically. Your dominate is the bigger one. Funnily my best egg came from the little one. I never had a day 20 scan, so can't say about the lining. We did 6 treatments in total, so have had lots of conversations about ovaries and linings!


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