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Other half

Hi all

Does anyone know why out other halves aren't allowed to have anything to drink during treatment. I understand completely why we aren't but not so much why they can't. I am not saying that my other half is an alcoholic or anythin like that but just that it doesn't seem fair that he can't have a glass of wine or two if we go out for dinner.

Can anyone advise? Ta

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Hi Tigger

It takes two to make a baby and sperm needs to be in tip top condition as much as the eggs do so not only is it good for your man to be healthy thru your treatment for sperm quality, it's also good for you as you don't have to watch him enjoying something you can't, there's 9 months of that soon!! That was my textbook answer.......

In reality, I guess the argument is that men's sperm needed now was made 90 days ago (hence why men and women are advised to both lead healthy lifestyles for 3+ months before trying) so how much impact would a couple of glasses of wine make now if you're already in a cycle?! Me and my hubby have just got back from a donor egg cycle in Spain and he had a couple of glasses leading up to egg collection and certainly wasn't tee total in any part of our cycle!! I did want him to not drink, just because its our 5th cycle and were running out of time and money - but he's his own man, we eat well, take good quality multivitamins and live active lives and a if a drink at the weekend is relaxing and enjoyable, what's the harm ?!

You have to be sensible and use your own judgement - there is such a thing as too much 'good' advice sometimes!!!

Good luck



Thanks Treacle

Like you we both live healthy lifestyles, we both train up to three times a week & my fiancé also plays rugby most weeks depending on his work shifts.

I never realised that sperm was produced that far in advance! I think I will keep that little nugget to myself, lol!!

Fingers crossed for you with this cycle. That must be really hard on you both. Did you get any egg donation cycles on nhs? X


Hi as treacle says. My clinic said not to be tee total if it was going to cause too much stress, if you are living a fairly healthy lifestyle as you actually have to be able to get through this together and the odd drink isn't going to affect, but, it has to be the odd drink, rather than say 1 a night which would begin to have an impact.

Good luck x


Thanks Flowergirl

We are back at hospital on Monday for first cycle of injections blood tests & scans. I am actually looking forward to it.



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