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Hi why do woman over respond in treatment, I will be starting menopur next week and I have this vision I am going to be poorly, am I just

being paranoid, also I suffered a blood clot in my jugular vein through a rare condition 3 years ago and because of this I have to have blood thinning tinzaparin 24 hours after egg collection and throughout pregnancy, can Tinzaparin be administrated the same way as ivf injections subcutaneously.

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I was on menopur a short cycle of just 10 days they collected 24 eggs only one wasn't mature and 5 didn't fertilis but I got a 8 emb and 10 egg split I went on this as it was my only go and last chance before full and total hysterectomy as I have cervical cancer I honest think that the drug I took was well managed by my fert team and I didn't feel unwell but everyone is different it's a horrid and scary thing but has a wonderful thing from out the other end your going to do just fine they won't let you over respond xx


Thankyou you for your reply, i do feel better to know this.


I developed OHSS and it was awful...it started after egg retrieval so my transfer was post poned. Everything was going to plan up until then. You have to start drinking lots of fluids now and throughout your ivf cycle, and I mean lots! This should prevent it from occuring. X


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