I am a healthy and fertile 30yr old woman who wants to have another child w my new husband, but he had a vasectomy 13yrs ago. What can we do

My husband is 42 and since the vasectomy was so long ago I don't see reversing that actually an option. Is there any way to just get his semen and plant it into my healthy fertile egg without doing the entire invetro fertilization, with all the meds and whatever else they do.

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  • Hi, I'm not an expert, and it might be worth a call to a local fertility clinic to ask, but they may be able to do something to get semen from the testes - but ths would be a v small no. so likely that you would need ICSI, and more detailed type of IVF where individual sperms are injected into an individual egg - ICSI costs about £1k more than IVF, plus yuo would need to pay additional for any sperm retrival procedure needed.

  • I don't mean to seem rude but firstly you have a child which is a blessing and secondly you are healthy and fertile which on this site could offend and people do it want to hear that just aporeciAte what you have

  • There are women who will never have a child so please take yourself off here as you have offended

  • Hi, you have not offended me.

    My OH had a vasectomy in 2006 which we had reversed in 2010. It is true that the sooner you reverse it the better the chances of fertility, but my OH has had semen analysis over the past few years and each time it has been different. I would imagine that any consultant will give you an idea of success rates in your case, but you wont know unless you try!

    My OH, in June he had a very poor result in terms of count (i put this down to him being ill at the time), yet recently the count was higher. The way the consultant explained it to me was that reversal can have different outcomes for everyone. He said that sometimes the tubes can block up due to scar tissue, but that they can sometimes clear again. So you can get good and bad semen results at different times. Consultant was pleased with our recent results so that means my OH can provide a fresh sample for our first cycle which is in Jan (hurray!). Had the results not been good enough, he was going to freeze some for future use.

    They can perform an op, as Flowergirl says, to remove semen from the testes. But you would prob need ICSI and IVF to acheive pregnancy.

    Re the reversal, I guess you wont know unless you try.

    Hope this helps! :-)

  • Thank you Jenny for all the information! I wish you luck in January!!! I'll be praying for you that it works!

  • First off, Thank you very much Flowergirl and Jenny34 for the advice and info!! I really appreciate it! Secondly, I apologize if I've offended anyone by my posting, Sar75, it was never meant for that.

  • No worries, this is a type of secondary infertility for you, and if there is a way of treating it, then you should look into it. It could be really simple, and if you don't ask, you won't know.

  • I've been with my bf for 16 years and never been able to get pregnant until now....thankfully thru our first round of ICSI. I've watched all my family and friends who are healthy and fertile have babies for the last 12 years and as much as I wanted my own child I never resented them for being healthy and fertile!!!!!!! Its been so helpful on this forum being able to talk to other people with similar issues/concerns.I would have thought this forum would be for anyone with any type of fertility issues whether they have children or not. Surely knowing that you will never have anymore children because your husband has had a vasectomy is hard to deal with and justifies asking for help!!!

  • There are many types of infertility, and no matter which form of infertility you are suffering from it's very, very hard to deal with it. Suffering from secondary infertility means you suffer in a different way - but it still hurts exactly the same, and often it can be more difficult to find support because some people don't understand. I am glad you got in touch with us, and hope that we can help with both emotional and practical support. There are ways to extract semen, but individual circumstances are all very different and you would I think need to have a chat to a clinician who knows your own situation to see whether this would be possible, and to advise how you could then proceed either with insemination or whether you would need IVF or ICSI. Our Support Line is now closed for Christmas, but Diane will be back on Friday 3rd January and I will ask her to reply if she can add anything more which would be helpful. I hope some of the comments here have helped you, I know that most of our members will be fully supportive of your circumstances. Visit the information page of our website and check our our A-Z of factsheets where you will find one on secondary infertility which may be helpful. And I wish you every success - there are lots of ways to overcome infertility and I hope you find a way of having the baby you and your new husband so very much want.


  • Hello ladies, I spent years on forums looking for hope and advice, as they say a problem shared is a problem halved. I overcame my 7 years of infertility due to endometriosis and reoccurring ovarian cysts. Just before my 40 I completely changed my life style and as a result I had two beautiful healthy children NATURALLY! No IVF! I wanted to share my success in the hope that I might help other ladies on their difficult quest to have children. My ebook is published on Amazon and will be available completely free on 2nd of February 2014. Hopefully I didn't sound too markety, I'm just keen on helping. (5 SIMPLE WAYS TO FERTILITY - Pavla Kesslerova)

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