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Pelvic scan results - do fibroids affect fertility?

I've just requested a copy my a transvaginal scan I had done on day 14. It showed uterus had mixed ecotexture & a fibroid measuring 3.1 x 2.3 x2.6. The fibroid is in the posterior fundal myometrium and indenting the endometrium. Anyone able to translate what this means? Could this cause miscarriage? Or reduce fertility? X

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Hi, I would ask your medical team. I had a polyp in my womb (I know it is different), and I had to have it removed before I could have my last round of treatment.

There are on doubt lots of women with these conditions who get pregnant naturally, but if you are struggling and need help, it is best to reduce these things which may impact on success as much as possible.

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Fibroids most certainly reduce fertility and could cause miscarriage! You best have them removed before starting with IVF. Discuss it with your doctor. Occasionally women can get pregnant but if the fibroid is in the wrong area miscarriage is very likely. I personally suffer from polyps returning after d&c. Good luck!


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