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5 day blastocyst was transferred on 1.9.13.

Since my transfer i have had A LOT of period symptoms which iv been told is normal but I haven't experienced any implantation bleeding, did anybody else not experience this but still go on to be pregnant?

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I had a day 5 blastocyst and I am now currently 13 weeks pregnant.

I had period pain symptoms but no bleeding at all.

I wish you all the luck in the world, the worst part for me was the 2ww try and stay off the internet as it will drive you insane easily said than done though.



Thank you and congrats! I am hating the waiting (you are right about the Internet) x


I didn't have any implantation bleeding, but did have some at weeks 5, 7 and 10 which was very scary indeed - at which point I was back in my clinic for tests and scans.

Good luck xx


Hi pswhiteside. Unfortunately, the 2WW is just a nightmare time. I call it “knicker watching fortnight”! As a general rule implantation of your blastocyst transfer usually implants on the day of transfer, as they are ready to “pop out” of their shells. Regarding implantation bleeds. This doesn’t always occur. Some women do get a tiny bright red bleed at around this time; others don’t, so I’m afraid that there isn’t any “norm”. Occasionally, a tiny brownish “bleed” occurs, which may just be due to old blood coming away from procedures such as egg collection etc. This usually shows up when you wipe yourself after going to the loo, or first thing in the morning when you get up, and is nothing to worry about. Also, BFP’s don’t always have an implantation bleed either, so it isn’t a way of knowing early on that you have been successful – sorry! The symptoms you are experiencing could be due to the use of progesterone pessaries/gel if you have been prescribed it. Just try and keep yourself busy while you are waiting, especially if not at work. You will have had so much intensive treatment, and then you are just left – awful! Hope this helps.



Hi Diane I am in a similar situation. I had a bleed the day after my blasto transfer, then another one yesterday (5 days post transfer). I was wondering if the pessaries might be causing it? Its a little more than spotting but not as much as a period. Its pinky red.


Hello pswhiteside

I'm wishing you all the best. My IVF baby turned 1 on the same day that you had your blastocyst transfer. He was a 5 day transfer too. I just wanted to share a hopeful story with you. I hope it helps. Stay strong and optimistic - the 2WW is really tough. My tips are keep as busy / distracted as possible but don't overdo things either - rest plenty too.

Not everyone gets implantation bleeding so don't stress either way.

Take care. xx


Thank you x


Hi, any news?


Hey flowergirl!

Test date was yesterday and got a BFP! WOOP WOOP! we are so excited and looking forward to a May baby! Xxx

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AhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, that's so exciting. Hope that the next few weeks go fine and the fears don't get to you. If they do, work through it together, keep talking to each other. A couple more weeks and you'll get your early scan and seeing that little heartbeat is absolutely amazing, you will be begging to stay there all day (even though it's an internal u/s!!!!).

When we had ours, we waited for that scan and all clear from that to approach GP and get transferred onto midwife care.


We can't wait. Early scan set for 1.10.13.


Congratulations. That's fantastic news for you both x


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