Is a Grade 5 Blastocyst Day 5 transfer a good start?

I have read on the websites that they also grade three other things in the blasto, but they didn't mention this to me today just said it was hatching!!! I have 2 more that are just behind this one and the other 5 are just a little slower!! Only had one transferred and only just starting the dreaded 2WW:) They will let me know about the other by post in the next few days x

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  • Goodluck x

  • Hi Sarah thank you! Feel all emotional wondering! Have you been through this process? Everyone else seems to get two embryos transferred but for me he simply would not! X x

  • Yes I have I had on my first ifv 2grade 3, 4 grade blastocyst but unfortunately didn't take on my second round I had 1grade 5 put bk at 2days resulting in my daughter who is now 15mths :) they won't put more than 1 in at grade 5 cos it could lead to multiple pregnancy. I know this is the worst bit of all xx

  • Hi thank you for messaging back! And you now have your daughter that's fantastic! This 2ww is going to be the longest in my whole life! I have already cried a few times and don't know why I'm guessing this is normal! You hear everyone say they tried to be calm and relaxed and mostly I am! But I'm also an emotional person without having had hormone drugs do guessing this has added to it! X x x

  • The 2ww is awful! We just tried to keep ourselves occupied. Surround yourself with friends and plan some girly nights. We had a 5day blastocyst transferred and now our little miracle is due in 13 weeks so good luck!!! X

  • Thank you for your response ladies!!! x

  • Please let us know how u get on xx

  • Will do x

  • Hi Sarah

    Well I came on my monthlies yesterday and was due to test on Wednesday, so looks like we are now headed for a FET, did your second attempt come from FET or a fresh cycle. xx

  • Im sorry to hear that I def know how your feeling but big hugs and stay positive! I didn't have any embryos that would have been good enough to freeze so our second attempt was a new second round but I had one put back on day two as my eggs were less than 5 when fertilised. I also took the 2ww off and relaxed and drank pineapple juice was told that it can help with implantation might have been an old wifes tale but worked for me! Also I think your body responds better second time around. I had 3embrios frozen after having our daughter and chose to donate them to helo other couples to be parents we felt lucky to have one xx

  • Hi Sarah, feels like such a big blow when the embryo quality was as good as it gets!!! The 2 they froze are also blastocysts and were the same grade I believe but I have to wait for my next appointment to confirm all the details. I have heard that second time round its better so here is hoping!!! I have had the 2ww off but have drove myself crazy, and will definitely be getting the pineapple juice in. Did they amend your protocol in any way the second time round? x x

  • And donating your frozen embryos is so beautiful and should I ever be successful and have some left over I would donate too, as you say one is a blessing x x

  • No all was kept the same really but eggs took a little longer to mature so waited longer for the trigger injection! I know its very difficult to try and relax as you know you have a potential life inside you the positive of having frozen one is they still class it as your first round of ivf that's if your with the nhs? I also went to the fertility show in London and one of the seminars I saw was about omega3 too so I added that as an extra to my folic acid x

  • It is with the NHS so I am very grateful to be having the opportunity!!! Oh I know all about that too I paid £500 and saw a nutritionalist who specialises in fertility and I have been having vital DHA for months now along with Zita West fertility tabs have been drinking energised greens in a greens smoothie full of minerals and vits, my hair and nails have never looked so good:) May be why I had three amazing blasts who knows!!! Did you on your first cycle start your menses before test date??

  • But my body still didn't receive the blast well and then you read up on the internet about all of the potential reasons why and start to get scared!!!x

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