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do I go private?

hi I need ur advice. my 3rd nhs icsi cycle failed after only collecting 3 eggs of which 2 fertalised and were implanted but neither worked. to go private will cost about 5.6k which we could raise but the doc says we only have 10% chance of success. please help I need all of your tried and tested ideas and even old wifes tales to improve my chances if I go private. all feedback will be gratefully accepted. if we do this it will only be once as we cant afford any more. HELP PLEASE

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Hi, each of us are individual and need to understand what is causing the infertility, after 3 rounds and only a low response rate, what did the dr say the reasons for your fertility issues?

did the Dr offer any other ideas for a way forward. After 3 rounds, we were in a similar position, and listened and thought through the other options and what these meant, and moved to egg donation as the odds were a lot higher, but there other implications and the costs are higher.

However, if you want to continue using your eggs, have you considered acupuncture alongside the treatment, whilst not fully clinically proven, there are some definite benefits.

Good luck

FG x


hi sorry for my late reply. my husband has a blockage so his sample had to be retrieved surgically that's why we went down the icsi route. the dr said there was no reason why my body didn't respond as well as it should. I would consider egg donation but would like to try with my own first. I don't know if I'm able to start the treatment and then decide when it gets to collection to use donar eggs if I don't have any or whether that would have to be another try. there is so much I don't know. we have decided to wait until next year to go back to clinic to give us sometime without the stress. iv never had acupuncture but its definitely something I could try. thanks for your reply K


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