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Fertility treatment in Spain

I'm planning on going to Spain for my fertility treatment. I need egg donate and it's much easier there than here. I was looking for some information and I found out there is a fertility show in Valencia on October. I want to share this information just in case someone is interested. invitra.co.uk/

Hope is time works out, crossing fingers!!!!!

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Hi, a couple of thoughts that people can take forward prior to going to this, speak with your local clinic in the UK, and find out who and why they partner with internationally, you will need scans etc whilst you are in the UK before you travel to Spain, so being able to access these is important.

Also, most clinics have websites and want a first appointment with you, although this can be via skype if you can'ttravel. We found our first visit to the clinic important where we met the team to decide if we liked it. You won't quite get that feeling at a show.

Good luck


Just to add also - there are lots of Spanish clinics at the Fertility Show in London the first week of November, as well as UK clinics, many now have no waiting lists so you have lots of options.

Benefits of the fertility show in London... the seminars are great and in English too.

Good luck



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