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Complete fertility/Wessex?


My Husband and I had our consultant appointment today at Complete Fertility in Southampton. We will be having ivf/icsi. Need to wait for our funding to come through, have a few more blood tests and scans done and choose our clinic. I’m really struggling to decide between Complete and Wessex Fertility. Has anyone had any experiences with either of those-positive/negative? I would rather stay at Complete as we have been there a couple of times now and the consultant said if we chose to go elsewhere we would need to do more tests and more waiting 😕 Also is it worth paying the extra for the AMH test? Such a lot of information to take in 😩

Thank you 💖

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I can't help you but Good luck

I’m with complete but so far my experience has been good (well as good as it can get anyway aha). Nurses are lovely.The only thing I would agree with is if you change it could delay you months..kinda like back to square one. I personally couldn’t of waited any longer but that’s down to you.

What’s an AMH test? Xx

We're under complete and wouldn't recommend it. We know quite a few other people who are also under them and wouldn't recommend it either. If our first round of IVF fails we're jumping ship to Wessex. If you want any more information dm me. We have a support group Facebook too. Good luck xx

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I do second what kirstyblue said though, a change now could delay you. That's why we've stayed with them, we're too exhausted to go through all that rigmorole again x


Hi sophierob94. Please try not to mention clinics by name as it is considered to be advertising, unless by private message. I hope all goes well where you decide to go. Diane

I’ve only had experience of the Wessex. I have been with them since 2015. Four transfers, 3 pregnancies (one ended in MC, one little boy and one on the way (🤞)) I love them they’re so professional but kind. When I compared them to complete in 2015 their success rates were better too but the HFEA seem to be using less clear statistics now so I find it harder to compare. Good luck wherever you go xxx

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