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Hello all, I have a question about IVF procedures in UK.

I have gone throught one abroad and I was succesfully pregnant, but want to have another child and when ivf worked once, I would like to go throught the procedure again. Due to lack of time, I would like to try one in UK but do not know anyone with personal experiences. If you please help me with some recommendations I will really appreciate it and can help you if you need some info about abroad IVF experiences!

Thank you!

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I N UK have a policy of not recommending or endorsing clinics on our website. In addition individual experiences at clinics can vary so much and although it can be good to have feedback you should always remember that your own personal experience can be very different from that of another individual. If anyone would like feedback on clinics we would ask that comments and replies to such requests go through the private message system as any comments on individual clinics will be deleted from the website.


Hi, you've been through IVF before, so you know some of the demands. In the UK there is a lot of pre-treatment activity, and a lot of scans during the treatment, as well as the egg recovery and transfer. Therefore, one thing I found useful was to start by looking at what clinics are near me. You already have a child, which probably means that you wouldn't get this treatment on the NHS, so will need to find a private clinic.

The HFEC website has details about the UK clinics, the treatments they provide and the outcomes they get from these treatments.


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