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Can you request 2 embryos even if that dr only suggests 1

I know doctors say you should have only have one embro because of the risks , but can you insist of having two transferred ?

Me and wife have discussed this, because if you have one chance and you fall pregnant with twins. We would personally feel more complete because we never wanted the option jut of one child.

Your thoughts are appreciated

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The decision to put back one or two embryos is based on your individual situation rather than a blanket rule. Twins can sound an ideal solution and we all know lots of perfectly healthy twins, but it's really important to remember that multiple pregnancy is the biggest health risk from IVF. Do have a look at this website where you will find the information that you need to be aware of before making decisions about this - oneatatime.org.uk/


My first round of ifv the embrioligist put two back as they were not top grade on our second round I asked for two but was told only one as it was a top grade embryo so its up to the clinic. They don't like to put more than one back as multiple pregnancy can cause problems xx


As Kate says, you need to listen to the experts here.

There are other factors they consider. For me, I only ever had at the end of treatment two good embryos maximum, so they would put two in as they had self selected, and they don't freeze just one, and the freezing criteria are quite high. But if you have lots of healthy embryos on transfer day, they may prefer to transfer one and freeze the rest.


I was told that age plays a factor - as I am over age 35 they recommend two embryos be put back in. By the sounds of things criteria change depending on your circumstances and the clinic. Best of luck.


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