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What is your opinion on surrendering/letting it be?

I really want to talk about surrender - letting it be. SOOOO many people, books, articles etc are telling us this:

"There is good reason to let go, though. (And by letting go, I do not mean giving up, but accepting what is happening in the moment.) Although there is a lot we can do to increase our chances of conception, in the end, whether we get pregnant is not up to us alone. There is an element of unknown, which can make conception both elusive and miraculous at the same time. When you do all you can and then just surrender openly to the possibility of pregnancy, you let go and leave the rest up to the universe. By doing this, you release yourself from the perpetual burden of hope, and in doing that, relieve frustration, guilt, blame, anger, and other emotions which can accompany that gnawing, ever-present, demanding expectation."

(Excerpt from here: Full article on the power of surrender in relation to infertility:


and some days I'm there, releasing my NEED to get pregnant and just KNOWING that it will all be ok and I will get to be a mum and I feel wonderful and light and happier than I've ever felt in my life before, which is huge, considering where I was at the start of the year. And some days I'm back to holding on with all my might and feeling so so scared that I cannot function. I'd love to get a conversation going on this and what you do to cope.

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I think I muddled through in my own way. For a long time it was hard to allow myself much hope, because of the fear of being disappointed again (after the years of trying, then a miscarriage following first cycle of IVF).. My most successful IVF cycle (my 3rd) happened after two less successful cycles, so in a sense by then I had begun to let go and expect less - and perhaps this was a factor in my subsequently became pregnant with a frozen embryo from that cycle.


Thank you for replying Noper and it's nice to hear from you. yes, this is what I'm trying to get into the bottom of, can you can only get pregnant if you let go? I intend to keep researching and report back to the group my findings!

I hope your pregnancy is going well. If you're interested in the mindbody link then do join our group as is open to women pregnant following infertility as well as those TTC. mindfulmumatobe.blogspot.co...


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