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Do we keep trying??


I have just had my follow up appt after a laparoscopy to remove endometriosis, cysts and dye test remaining tube. Cysts have been left open to drain and endo burnt away, surgeon could not get dye down the tube so it's blocked(other one was removed along with ectopic last year), she is referring me back to GP so he can refer me to fertility clinic, but she said to start trying again(we stopped before the op) however I did ask about the high risk ectopic and she said yes it is high risk but because I know what it feels like and know what to do it is ok. Shall we keep trying or wait for ivf, what are the chances if she can't get dye down that an egg could? Not sure I could cope with going through that again but if there is a chance I feel I should take it, but I just don't know and feel confused now. agh!!! sigh, so many emotions going on.

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This sounds really hard for you. I guess your decision might depend on several factors. For example, I'm not sure how old you are, and therefore how urgent it might be to try IVF now. (As you probably know, the odds for successful IVF do tend to decrease with age). In my experience, referral to an NHS clinic for IVF does take a bit of time, (it took us 8-9 months from first referral to start of our first IVF cycle) so, if age is a factor for you, it might be worth being referred for IVF now, as it could be several months before you start treatment (if indeed you decide to go ahead with IVF). Good luck whatever you decide.

Thanks for your reply. I'm 30, definitly going ahead with the ivf referral now, the consultant is getting my gp to refer me as she said that we are ideal candidates ticking all the boxes but also said for us to keep trying, just not sure if to risk ttc whilst waiting as she said 'never say never, keep trying' but do we, knowing that the risk of ectopic is extreemly high, not ttc and wait for the ivf or take the very small chance it could all go well? We are just confused, will see if I can get an appt with GP and ask them for advice. thanks again Noper xx



Totally know how you feel. Some doctors just pacify you other will.give the painful.truth. I think it's ludicrous telling. You to keep tying with the possibility of another eptopic they told me this too but what they can't explain is if my tube is useful or not....said it is blocked but not fluid filled so thry leave it as no reason to remove it.... but keep trying as u never know but there is huge risk of.another eptopic. Really I don't want another eptopic as first nearly killed me:(

Had failed a.month ago gonna go with possibly mild ivf in March and hope for the best.

I hope this helped good luck xxx

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