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Fibroscan results on liver and spleen from 9-21-22

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I understand and realize my liver results, my dr very pleased with my continued work with low carb diet and exercise and continued weight loss since 2019, this is 1st time they examined my spleen during my fibroscan. 1st test results of Spleen!!

E kPa 98.3 & IQR 18.3 test fasting

E- measurements - 10 , SWF=100hz

1. 76.8 2. 100.0 3.100.0 4.100.0 5. 100.0

6.87.6 7.96.6 8. 26.3 9.100.0 10. 79.8

Can't find a chart any where to determine my results ?? Can someone give me an a answer?? Ron

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Hi Herman

Spleen stiffness is pretty new and they have developed a special version of FibroScan to measure it but they don't really have enough data to give general charts. Here is a report about it which might be of interest.

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