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Special Vacation

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My husband and I are going on a special cruise to Italy next year. Of course, I will try and eat as healthy as I can. I’ve already alerted them to some of my limitations, but may likely be limited by their options. Would a week of some deviation from the diet cause much harm? Of course I will not drink alcohol.

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Hi Cat

It is a very individual thing. You no doubt have a sense of how your body reacts to different foods and that has to guide you. For a liver that is struggling the most important thing is to not overload it with things it has trouble managing. If you are able to do that you should be fine for a week, assuming you are not decompensated but be sure to talk with your docs.


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The problem is, my doctor doesn’t take it seriously. Says, you have mild fatty liver seen on ultrasound and caused by high (but managed) LDL cholesterol. He’s offered no diet, no suggestions. I think it’s time to find a new doctor. Thank you

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It is a challenge we face. Fatty liver is generally regarded by docs as benign and the liver can function with quite a lot of fat but that doesn't mean its healthy. An important point that is not acknowledged by most docs is that ultrasound can't identify liver fat below 20 to 30 percent depending on the operator. It is good that you are paying attention to it. Fatty liver, NAFLD, is one thing but it becomes quite another if inflammation develops and it turns to NASH.

Enjoy your cruise, live your life, but listen to your liver. Even my Dr. has told me a glass of wine is good for me. Not all the time, but pick one nice dinner on your cruise, relax and enjoy with a glass of wine, but not every day or more than one. I will have one to relax me when I am highly stressed as stress will bother your liver as much as some of the food. Listen to your body, stay away from red meat and things that are hard to digest. There is a ton of food you won't have a problem finding something to eat I usually go on a cruise once a year but not the last year almost 2 years now. I was going to go to Greece this year, but oh well. Enjoy yourself, relax. that is half of what keeps you alive.

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Cat551 in reply to Alterity

Thank you! I will eat as healthy as I can but will also enjoy myself and try not to feel guilty.

Cat - LIVE YOUR LIFE!!! I too have fatty liver, and also mild hemochromatosis (iron overload disorder) to boot. My Fibroscan thankfully was normal so i'm classified as a F0. I'm already a healthy, active guy, but i still managed to lose around 30lbs so now i'm 6 foot, 170lbs with around a 21 BMI. I went on vacation back in June. I enjoyed some good wines, and told myself i would eat whatever i wanted but ended up finding myself always opting for healthier choices anyway. Lots of Fish, chicken, veggies, fruit, etc. I've found that completely eliminating red meat, sugar, refined carbs (ie anything white), fatty foods, and processed foods is really quite easy. You can go to Italy and basically do the same and really find that you are not limiting yourself. Enjoy some wine. You really want that gelato, go have it. Pasta, obviously, you must have it over there! I believe in moderation. I don't think it would be wise to have gelato twice a day, eat steak every single day, drink a bottle of wine every day, etc. Everything in moderation. Enjoy yourself!

Thank you for your thoughts and making me feel good about our trip. After some reading, I found pasta in Italy, Semolina is high in protein and fiber — both of which slow digestion and increase feelings of fullness, and has a relatively low glycemic index. Moderation is the key. And I remember fish dishes are in abundance there.

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