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confused about cholesterol reading


my ldl cholesterol is 5.05 is this anything to worry about --

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Hi Confused

Well, you are asking us about trying to diagnose which isn't something we can do. For perspective, if that is reported in the typical units of mg/dL it is quite low. The optimal range is commonly less than 100 so a fair question is why is yours that low? Talk with your doc about lipid metabolism. There are probably other blood markers and things the doc can see in your physical and history that will help understand what that might suggest in terms of your health.

Good luck


confused71 in reply to nash2

Thanks Wayne --it is in mml in uk

nash2Administrator in reply to confused71

Ha, well you might think I would have figured that out first wouldn't you. So that is getting on the slightly high side at almost 200 md/dl. Docs will be thinking about it in that range but a lot will depend on your history.

Hi Confused71

Im not very knowledgeable in this area but this has been my experience so hope this helps. The last time I got my cholesterol checked it was 6.3 and the nurse said that was slighty high. She said that anything between 5 and 6.4 is slightly high, between 6.5 to 7.88 is moderately high and anything above that is very high.

So hopefully this will give you some idea but if your worried ring your surgery and get them to explain.

All the best.

confused71 in reply to Auds5

Thank you---- my last overall reading was 7.9 but the Ldl is the worrying one for me

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