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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH

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Fibroscan CAP Scores?


HI there - I have an appointment in 2 weeks with my doctor, but thought I'd ask you guys as well. My Fibroscan resulted in a CAP score of 303. I can't find any useful information that easily explains this. Does anyone know, or have any good resources?

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That is a measure of the amount of fat in the liver and is in the range typically interpreted as a high S2. In human terms S2 typically means that the liver is 34% to 66% fat. You need a doctor to interpret it for you. Fat itself is not harmful although it increases the risk of a variety of diseases. You want to ask what your NASH or liver stiffness score is when you see the doc as that is a measure of whether there has been damage in the form of fibrosis or scarring. Talk to the doctor about reducing that fat burden as it is an unhealthy level even if there is not necessarily an active disease, it is hazardous to your health. Here is a link to some additional information which may be of interest.

Good luck


Moonsts in reply to nash2

I had a score of F2. Scarring and fibrosis. No one seems to think it's anything. I tell des who prescribe I have liver issues and must have sick liver compatible drugs. When I say no tylenol they just look at me with a blank stare. I also have severe ibs-d. So NSAIDs send me off into days of cramps and diarrhea.

They tell me there us nothing they can do to help severe pain from rotator cuff surgery!!

What can I do?

Even when I had a discussion with the surgeon, and had settled on dilauded, they sent me home with straight oxy. That makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out.

I'd love to report them!!

nash2Administrator in reply to Moonsts

Pain management has become very difficult. With changing policies treatment is very uneven and that is worse when dealing with docs who aren't liver trained. I don't know what the answer is


confused71 in reply to nash2

is it possible to lower cao score --mine is 325 i lost 22 pounds but it has stayed the same

nash2Administrator in reply to confused71

With weight loss it will go down, but remember, you are losing weight in your entire body. Progress on the liver fat might be slow if you have a lot of other fat to also deal with.

confused71 in reply to nash2

Thanks Wayne --I wegh 69 kg but I understand what you are saying so thanks GP doesnt explain when I ask

when i was first sen for fatty liver non alcohol related they said i was high stage 3 and when i asked for i believe was a Doppler ultrasound it came back mid stage 1 my fibro came back much better after weight loss and excessive increased . the portal vein is what my first Doc. concentrated on but micro clotting in the liver is what i questioned -a lot of the scared liver which i was told is dead liver was either clots or fat and it was hard to determine with out biopsy ,which with my APS triple problem and other medical issues that was out of the question so i see my Gastro Doc every 6 months and have benn doing very well according to her .She is also open to learning as much a she can about the APS and it's antic's. This has been a help also i was scored 17.8 i think it was about 5 years ago with old doc and i am sorry but can't remember what my mid stage one was - i see her again mid January for blood and ultra and Fibro .

nash2Administrator in reply to jetjetjet

Good luck with that. I used Fibroscan to track my progress over the years. With lifestyle and diet I went from 21.5 to 9.6, an F3 so hope you have a similar result.


Mariah1203 in reply to nash2

how often have you had the FibroScans performed? Is there any variables you can mention that you have noticed? I dont understand the technology, no matter how hard i try becasue i can see so many temporary states that would/could affect the results. I just cant go with kPa or m/s .. Thats where biopsy seems to be more accurate but not if it doesn't clinically correlate and if the cells seen are unlike any other, and really no comparison exists. Im stuck. The puzzle is missing a piece and they dont make it anymore, so I can never finish it... Thats me. Im broken.

nash2Administrator in reply to Mariah1203

I've had MRE or Fibroscan twice a year since 2015. Like all tests they have an error range, but it has been well studied. There is an operator skill involved and fasting is important. Biopsy has its own problems. About 18% of biopsy results are in error due to insufficient sample or reading skill issues so there is no real "gold standard" that gives you an exact measure other than autopsy so we all deal with a bit of randomness but the tests do provide information that is of value even if not perfect.

Hi MY CAP SCORE IS 326 i think anything under248 is normal 400 is top end

I had that score originally and was told to reduce my carbs and fat in my liver would follow. I have been on a low carb diet and my score today went down to 225!!!! Hope that helps..I was told that I needed to bring the fat level in my liver down...

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