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Mysterious Fatty Liver Diagnosis- First Post


Hi all,

I was recently diagnosed with fatty liver disease and could not be more confused. I have never been overweight and follow a whole foods plant-based diet with no added sugars. I have always had a clean bill of health, and this diagnosis has caught me completely by suprise. I've read that dietary choices are one of the greatest contributing factors to development of this disease, but I am already refraining from consuming the suggested bad foods and have been for most of my life. I work at a gym and engage in vigorous exercise daily. I do not drink anything but water or herbal tea on a daily basis and of course do not drink alchocol (I'm only nineteen anyway). I'm in the process of seeking a second medical opinion after recieving a traumatic introduction to life with this disease from a doc with poor bedside manner.

Anyone else here on the mystery boat? If so, did you ever find the cause?

I do happen to be the grandchild of two heavily alcholic grandparents. Could this disease be genetically related/a remnant of their lifestyle choices?

Thanks for any help or advice,


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Hi Puzzled

You certainly are an uncommon patient. The first question is if you are seeing a hepatologist or some other specialty? There are a lot of things that can cause liver damage so how and by who was the diagnosis made? It has genetic factors that need to be understood in someone your age. Infections could be involved as can toxins so it is vital to be evaluated by a hepatologist

Sorry to learn of your story but you have come to a good place.


Genetics play a role sadly. I began the same way. Keep doing what you are doing hopefully you in the end you will never hear those words of you have cirrohsis. You are still young you can win this fight.

Can you tell us whether you have been diagnosed via bloods or imaging? If you have been diagnosed via imaging, the most obvious diagnosis would be haemochromotosis and bloods need to be done looking for this. Have you been tested yet for this? Which is excess accumulation of iron with the liver cells (parenchyma), this is a very common genetic disorder. If you received your diagnosis via ultrasound, regrettably i must say, ultrasound is very user dependent. Meaning the result you have received may be due to Sonographer believing your liver locked like fatty infiltration when it may not have been. I have seen this many times.

It can be brought on by Metabolic Syndrome (MetS), as well as other issues MAY be linked to its onset...i.e. gall bladder removal, HepC, Interferon, etc..

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