Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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NAFLD doesn't end with a Liver Transplant

In this study, 26% of liver-transplanted patients had new-onset NAFLD! "This is not dissimilar to the 22% prevalence seen among the general population."

So we are seeing NAFLD in kids, many donor livers cannot be used due to high fatty percentage, and now we have post-transplant patients afflicted with NAFLD, either for the 1st or 2nd time. Last year, my husband, who is 5 years post-LT for PSC, was scolded for an annual 10lb weight gain and scared straight with possible NAFLD down the pike!

We all need to start paying good attention to a healthier diet and lifestyle!

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Yes i agree with you as to regards of taking more care with our diets.. but some families are on such a tight budget that it becomes ny on impossible! .

If i had to do everything to the book diet wise( cirrhosis 10yr now ) then i would be skint . 🙄

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