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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Newbie saying hello

Hi! I’m new here. I just had a liver biopsy yesterday to try an determine if my NAFLD has progressed to NASH or if my severe inflammation is from something else. I should know in a week. Thank goodness for my astute APRN who pushed for me to see my hepatologist. My previous doctor kept telling me every 3 months for a year to avoid alcohol and Tylenol and I’d be fine. I kept telling him I don’t drink At All or take Tylenol but he was just a broken record!! I don’t see him anymore!!

Looking forward to meeting you all and I have already gotten some good advice here.

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Welcome, many of us have had experiences like that with our regular doctor. Feel free to ask anything and to let us know how it goes. This can be a trying experience. If the science about liver disease interests you here is a link with more than you may want to know




HI. I had a liver biopsy last week and I should know more about my progression tomorrow or at the beginning of next week. Good luck and keep us informed and ask any questions.


Biopsy results are in and I have “mild” NASH. Doctor said just to lose weight and nothing else! I think I’ll be proactive and do some research on my own just to make sure it doesn’t progress.

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