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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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How Do You Get It ?

Both my son and I have been diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver. My primary had labs done on me and said he was concerned about the results. He referred me to a surgeon who asked me if I had been ill recently, I said yes I'd had the flu. He laughed and said he read my labs and had no idea why I was there. That was very scary. When I saw my primary he just shook his head and said that was wierd and he'd check again in six months. Never had it brought up again. Never given different meds or advice about it.

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Fatty liver is caused by poor diet, drinking alcohol, not getting enough exercise and I believe even genetics can play a role.

If both you and your son have fatty liver you need to take steps to reverse it. Fatty liver in itself doesn't harm you but it's a disease process and goes from fatty liver to fibrosis to cirhossis in some people.

You can reverse it by eating clean, exercise even if it's just walking for 30 mins a day and giving up drinking alcohol if you drink. By eating clean I mean no added sugar, giving up simple carbs or limiting them, eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. Lean cuts of meat etc....

I don't know what to say about your crazy expiernce with labs but if it was me I would want to see with my own eyes the things that were off with my labs. I have been through far to much misdiagnosis and back and forth with Drs that my faith in them has greatly diminished. I'm not saying everyone should be skeptical of their Drs but when situations like this come about its good to have understanding for ones self. We have to proactive in our care...


Thank you so much. I agree that I should be more proactive. I try to stay on top of this like I. do with my diabetes.


I've narrowed mine down to 3 possible causes. Fructose (nothing I can do about that since I stopped drinking pop regularly decades ago, the damage is done though), insulin resistance (a genetic condition), and something called metabolic disorder


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