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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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How do we get help with fatty liver

I was told i have fatty liver too and i have alot of pain since my gallbladder was taken out 16 yrs ago and all i eat is sugar my body craves it my doctor is always someone different went i go and they only will let me discuss one thing been trying to get my cholestrol blood work for almost 2 yrs i feel like im just going to die cause im on medicare and now i have really bad pain in left side stomach and back they just said it was a pulled muscle well now i have a really hard time eating and this is just a little of what i have been through in my health care it feels like someone punches me in the back and side/stomach and pain down my leg

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I was told over the phone after I was asked how much I drink. When I said I haven't drank in over 10 years they wanted to know how much tried to figure out why they were asking. Then was told I had fatty tissue around liver. They were sending info to speacialiist Waited 3 days then got a call for appointment in October. I guess if it's serious they don't care.


I too was told to stop drinking.... but I don't drink. ever! Then they told me to follow a low fat diet. So far, so good!

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I have it too and experienced a lot of pain and intestinal issues. Have been living with this for over a year now. I completely changed my diet, eliminating carbs and sugar and fried food....I eat a salad of some kind every day.. .did no carbs the first six months and now only use a small amount of whole grain bread. No potatoes nor pasta,. Lots of vegetables and chicken and salmon. Limited fruit. When I deviate and eat that cheeseburger and I fries I feel sick but pain and soreness is pretty much gone and I feel much better. Hope this helps


Was diagnosed with fatty liver 5 yrs ago just called in office after blood work and told i was going to die because of it didnt explain really what it was just told because im diabetic for long time is all been having pain on rt side for yrs feels like ribs are sore always told Dr. but they dont care now have cyst on liver they told me not to worry because its only 2cm so im not God heals all Amen


You sound just like me. I had my gallbladder removed, 20 years ago and about 3 years ago started having left sided severe pain. If you are still on this site, let me know, ill tell you what i did..


I would be interested to know.


I as well would like to know. I had my Gallbladder out in 2005 followed by a PE in left lung. Almost lost my life. Any help would be appreciated.


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