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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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New to the group

Hi everyone it's my first time here so would like to say hello. Diagnosed with fatty liver at the beginning of September following an ultrasound and a bout of shingles. Looking forward to reading the posts and trying to work out what I can do by way of exercise and diet to try and improve this situation. Unfortunately did not get any info or support from GP and have been struggling recently with excessively dry skin, scalp and itching.

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Welcome magpie363 to the forum. You sound as if you have a positive attitude towards your illness and are eager to get stuck in to tackle it.

I reduced my sugar intake which helped but now my liver enzymes are creeping back up. I am afraid it’s swings and roundabouts. One minute your up, the next you are down and like me at the moment it can be a viscous circle.

Is your itching directly related to your liver or do you have other conditions such as diabetes or thyroid problems that could be contributing?

You mentioned exercise, any form of exercise will be helpfull, in fact some scientists say that diet and exercise alone can reverse fatty liver disease. However, that depends on the stage of disease.

Did your doctor say what stage of fatty liver disease you have?

Unfortunately, we are all different and one size doesn’t fit all. I suggests you have a read through the posts to learn how others have coped with similar problems to yours.

Good luck!


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