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My son is nearly 3, potty training was going well but in the last couple of weeks since we had a car accident he has reverted to nappies


I tried to keep potty training established but every half hour he has been having an accident either wee or poo so I have put him back on nappies again but I am getting lots of pressure from my husband and his family that he should be trained already and its stressing me out and in turn stressing my son out too, any suggestions? help!

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Hello Nickylou

It can take a little while for potty training to become established. The first step is almost always the accident phase. Although it can feel difficult to deal wtih, it helps the child recognise what is happening and over a few days the accidents will get less and less. You can find lots of information about potty training on the ERIC website and if you call the ERIC helpline on 0845 370 8008 on Monday or Wednesday we can talk you through things you can do to help.


Hi, thanks for the response, will definitely phone to speak to someone from the ERIC team for guidance and in the meantime will have a look on the website for tips too.

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