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1st Time Poster- Extreme skin reaction to Laxido?


Hi there,

This is my very first time posting here and I’m just desperate to see if anyone has had a similar experience to my family. My lovely son E, is 2- he will be 3 in February.

Since he was 6months he’s battled with constipation. We were on lactolouse first which had very little effect before being put on Laxido- although the Laxido was more effective in helping him poo it gives him the most terrible nappy rash- broken, bright red and swollen skin that makes him cry with pain.

I still felt there was something wrong and felt constantly fobbed off by the GP so we finally pushed (even though I hate being pushy) for him to been seen by a paediatrician.

We finally saw one a month ago- he was very proactive and sent E for an X-ray which showed sadly his colon is impacted. We’ve been doing disimpaction for A week now (the results were quite late.) and honestly- it’s horrific. The poo is shifting for sure but his bottom and underneath his wee bits is an absolute state, BRIGHT red- swollen, bleeding, he is screaming and writhing in pain when my husband and I have to change him (which is regularly because of how much he is going) we are having to hold him down. I am heartbroken, I would never hurt my child yet I’m being expected to do it. (And yes I know how important the disimpaction process is.)

The bowel nurse said to speak to the GP but because of COVID the GP wouldn’t see us and prescribed a steroid cream over the phone which only makes a difference at nighttime when he’s having a break from pooing, I’m going to take him to the GP on Monday because he NEEDS someone to look at this and if they won’t see me then it’ll be A&E at the children’s hospital because this is cruel to put him through this.

Sorry I actually came here for advice and it’s turned into a story- but I just wondered- this reaction- this extreme, painful and distressing skin problem cannot be a normal side effect surely? Has anyone else’s child experienced this? They cannot expect a child to go through this- it wouldn’t be allowed if that was such a severe side effect?

Please help, I’m heartbroken and devastated for him. I’m worried about him physically but also mentally at this point too in case it’s traumatising?

Thankyou in advance and I hope wherever you’re reading this from you’re safe and well. x

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Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time, I work on the neonatal unit and we often have babies with sore and broken skin on their bottoms. We use orabase protective paste and it works wonders. You apply a thick layer over the affected area, it will form a crusty thick barrier, when your son poops just clean it with cotton wool and water trying to leave as much of the paste on as possible. It will look totally discoloured from the poop but ignore that and don’t remove it. Reapply to any areas that have come off. The thick layer will act as a barrier and allow the sore broken skin under to heal. You could apply before bed to allow it to dry and form a solid barrier ready for the next day. You can get it from the pharmacy or online. Worth a try and hope it help. Good luck with the disimpaction.

Hi there,

Thank you so, so much for taking the time to be so kind and to reply. I really appreciate it. This sounds like exactly the kind of thing we need. We’ve managed to track some down in a local pharmacy and will head to get it soon.

Thanks again and take care x

You are welcome, really hope it works for you. Let me know if you have had any luck with it. If you need anymore advice about using it just let me know. If you do want to take it off just use some olive oil rather than scrubbing at it. x

I will let you know how it goes, thanks again. You’ve been so kind! X

Hi there, Just wanted to pop on and say a MASSIVE Thankyou. ❤️ We’ve been using the orabase since you suggested it and although he’s still a bit on the red side, the difference is absolutely incredible and he hasn’t screamed/cried getting changed at all the past few days.

You taking the time out to reply to us with advice has really made such a huge difference in my house and there is a little boy in a LOT less pain because of your help and kindness.

Thank you thank you thank you! X

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