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Worried flush out hasn’t worked

Hi, my son is getting close to 6 years old. We’re doing a “flush out”. I started him on a low dose of osmolax for 2 days then gradually increased to a higher than max dose (according to label) for 3 days to the point of having mushy/watery poo (over a week) I started to taper him back but only dropped half a scoop the past 2 days and he’s already not having the diarrhea poo. His poo is now like it should be for a normal person with no constipation. I’m concerned though because the gp said it takes months for his nerves to heal and be able to feel again and for that to happen his poo needs to be really runny so as to not put any more pressure or stretching on them.

My question is this....

Should I up him higher again to above the recommended max dose (according to the label)? The doctor said all its doing is adding moisture to the poo and won’t do any harm but I wonder what if any experiences other people have had? I should mention I have increased fibre and he’s drinking plenty of water every day so that is not a problem.

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Hi Mandy. I have just seen your post- hope you got some advice about the dosage.

Happy New Year x


No didn’t get any response. I think we might just do another flush out for a week. I was told by the GP that the high dosage won’t cause any problems so I guess it can’t hurt


My son is now able to feel when he needs - took some time but we are getting there. His poos were never runny on maintainance dose?

Good luck xxx


Oh wow that is fantastic!! Well done to you both! Ok well I might just finish this flush out with him and see how he goes for a while. Did you do regular flush outs?


No I didn't. Last hospital appointment they had considered another flush out but decided to increase maintenance dose instead.

I wish I had pushed for hospital earlier as so found it quite a lonely place to be as a parent - having to make decisions about doses that I didn't feel qualified to make? Now have a specialist nurse which I have found great. Good luck xx


What did they do in hospital and how did you get there?


I asked my GP to refer him. I felt things had been going in for too long with no real progress. The hospital appointment took over an hour and was very in depth and with someone who specialises in this area. Mostly questions but a physical examination too.

Then he was also under the care of the inconvenience nurse who I can phone for advise re dosage etc.



Oh we’ve been seeing an incontinence specialist for well over a year and had no real progress. She just keeps saying continue with osmolax but i just feel there must be something more we can do


Have you tried phong the ERIC help line?? Might be worth getting another opinion?? Good luck x


Oh I didn’t even know there was a helpline! I’ll definitely give them a call thanks heaps!!!

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