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Daughter constipation


My daughter ( who has autism) regularly withholds going for a poo, it’s difficult to understand why, she is on laxido and takes 2 to 3 a day.

If I use this week for an example, she has not been for 7 days. She lays on her tummy and does this movement where she tenses her legs as hard as possible and thrusts her groin up in the air and back down again .

Completely lost in what I should do to help her.

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She is withholding, you need to add a stimulant to the regime to help stimulate the bowels. Have you disimpacted her before?

I never done that before how do I go about doing that?




Thanks for this. I watched the video, it seems that macrigol products like laxido allows the stool to be hydrated and keep it soft within the bowl rather than inducing the child to pass the stool. This explains why my daughter is having three packets each day and still being able to withhold going for up to 7 days, I think we need to ask for a laxative that stimulates the rectum to pass the stool as well

Definitely ask for a stimulant as well to help alongside the macrogol laxative. The two should work well together. It does sound like you still need to disimpact and increase the amount for osmostic laxative you are giving to her.

Sounds like she is withholding, have you ever done a disimpaction?

I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions but this sounds just like my daughter. Shes 2.5 years old and lays on her front a lot. She also crossed her legs going tense and doesn’t want to walk. We have done disimpaction and she’s had an enema but only helps until she needs to go again. I’m also lost with what to do and the consultant just keeps saying she will grow out of it but it does take over. Just wanted to say you aren’t alone with it and jump on any suggestions you might get

Thanks so much for this message it can be really frustrating/worrying.

She finally went on Saturday afternoon and evening after 7 days of withholding. It was a huge relief.

Last night she was doing her leg thing again, laying on her front and tending her legs and thrusting her groin into the bed this went on for about an hour and then she said her tummy hurts.

Would you advise taking her to a doctor? The problem we have is that she has autism and she can be extremely volatile.

I coined this phrase; You never know the true meaning of “worry” until you have children.

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