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Here we go again

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Daughter is 5 1/2.

We’ve had a very good run with no accidents until this past week. We’re now getting very soft (large) accidents. She did a large poo in the toilet yesterday but soiled badly today.

She had been on 2 sachets per day of laxido which has been working fine. Should I increase the dose?

Does anybody notice a difference in their child’s behaviour when they’re constipated? My daughter is going through a crying, whingy stage. She doesn’t want to do toilet time and gets upset/angry.

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My daughter had just turned 6 and when she is constipated she is fussy and gets upset over almost everything.

To be honest the best sign I used to identify when my son is constipated was his moods.

He will get tempemental of the most silly things that shouldn't bother him. He would take things out on me verbally he would run of and start shouting at me when I tried to get him to go to the toilet.

When things are really bad he could get very angry and lash out at you and he is the softest child ever. You would find once you could get a large enough quantity of poo out of his body he would revert back to his old self.

Another indicator I have found very useful is there appetite. It will start to decrease. However with my son when we are starting to see this he is constipated more than we would expect.

What ever you do try not to get angry and frustrated(made this.mistake) as it seems to make things worse and sometimes they feel you are going to be angry because they are messing all the time. It is hard.

If I was seeing change in behaviour I would be inclined to but the Laxido up and see what happens. Make sure you leave them on that dose for a minimum of 3 days( my opinion) as it could take this time before you work out what is actually happening and for the medicine to kick in. We have found you are better to increase or decrease and leave it a period of time before going again. Sorry about the long message. Hope something in here may help. Good luck.

Thank you for your replies.

I’m going to up the laxido to three.

I think the behaviour is definitely linked. She goes from loving funny daughter to full on teenager style moods!

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