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10 year old has frequent accidents

I am concerned over how many toilet accidents my 10 year old son has. He seems to wet himself every few weeks and soils himself just as much. He has no medical problem that I am aware of and I am inclined to think he is just leaving it too late or is distracted.

He was late to be dry at night (around 8 years old) and wore nappies at night. We took him out of them when we found that he was weeing (and on a few occasions pooing) his nappy in the morning/evening awake whilst awake. After taking him out of them he was dry almost immediately so part of me thinks was just being lazy.

For example yesterday he pooed his pants in on the way home from the park. He was slightly embarrassed and said he had been holding it since we left the house. We don't live far away and if he had said we could have gone home.

Whenever he has a bad tummy he will have accidents. I have been called by his school several times to say he has wet himself. He wet himself on a flight this summer.

His younger brother age 7 has never really had daytime accidents (although he is still not dry at night) even when he has been unwell.

Any advice would be great!

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This could be caused by constipation. His bowel could be stretched because of this and also be pressing on his bladder thus causing wetting accidents too. Have a look at the pooh nurses video which is really helpful. He also sounds like he needs a disimpaction with movicol which you get on prescription. It's unlikely that any of this is his fault at all bless him. Good luck!


Thanks, this is what I thought it might be but he still goes regularly. Also *TMI* the #2 accidents he has are large and not really the soiling constipation would give him.


Hi, my son did this and it turned out to be gluten and milk intolerance. I’d try strictly cutting these two things out for a few days and see what happens. It completely stopped after 4 days with my son. If no improvement you could try cutting out fructose or anything else you may suspect.

Good luck.


Our son had blood tests to rule all that out .... does that mean no point in trying this suggestion ? Do u know ? Thanks


Yes, So did my son have tests. They did various blood tests and scans. They tested for coeliac which was negative. However gluten and milk intolerance is not the same as allergy and will not show up in any test. So His paediatrician concluded it therefore must be behavioural but my instincts told me otherwise. I was at my wits end and I told him I was going to cut both out for a week (which he reluctantly supported me on) and after 4 days no more accidents!!! He was soiling up to 7 times a day before. And went to nothing after 4 days. He stopped wetting himself too! It was incredible. He’s now diagnosed him gluten and milk intolerance and referred me To the dietitian at the hospital. Got my first appointment with her tomorrow!

After 3 months I can now give my son some milk here and there but it seems he gluten is a big no for now as he’s had accidents following accidentally having some.

I just thought, what harm can it do trying it for a few days. But I was quite strict. I went and bought everything gluten and dairy free. For me, it worked. I really hope you find your answers. But drs aren’t always right.


Oh yeah i know.

The constipation paed said i have helped our son entirely by myself.

But the wetting ..... omg ! So struggling.... he has a toilet phobia though of closed doors ! PTSD and anxiety and on the spectrum so its so hard.

We were given that oxy tablet to try and the wetting HEAD consultant told me IF it doesnt work in 4 weeks .... it wont !!

The website for those meds says can take up to 8 weeks .... so yes they can be clueless .... which is brain numbing x


Thank you I will look into that. I want to take him to the GP but feel like they will just say its behavioural.


Sara thats what our entire life is like .... but we are like well if its behavioural .... then help us !! But no one will. Its a daily nightmare. I swear i have aged about 15 years put on so much weight with worry ..... on anti depressants ....

They say behavioural to us also bit wont help !!! But it cant go on ..... as will def lead to him being buied and will in the end lead to him being depressed !!

We are hurt and angry


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