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Struggling finding a maintenance dose after disimpaction

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Hi everyone, I just did my 2nd disimpaction on my 8 year old last week thinking we'd remain on a maintenance dose of 4 sachets for a while but she was pooing in her pants and I knew it couldn't be overflow as we've just disimpacted so i think it must be the movicol, I've reduced down to 3 sachets and she's still pooing in her pants, should I reduce the movicol further? I know we need to be reducing the maintenance dose gradually, has anyone else done a disimpaction and reduced the movical quickly afterwards?

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When you did the disimpaction did you get to the brown water with bits in stage? (Sorry if that’s a bit graphic 😉)

Hi we’ve just finished disimpaction on my 3.5 year old & are trying to find the maintenance dose too. Its tricky & I think it really depends on the child. We’re going down 1 sachet at a time but having a few days at that dose to check she’s ok before reducing further. I know others are reducing even more gradually at half a sachet. I think it’s trial & error.

Also something I’m really aware of is keeping an eye out for signs that she didn’t fully disimpact so maybe that’s something to bear in mind.

I think it's a case of gradually reducing until you are getting normal soft sausage like poos. I have never done a disimpaction at home as always ended up in hospital but I think you start high to clear out then reduce until normal again.

I have found reducing the movicol steady is the better bet when you are trying to find the maintenance dose as each child is distinctively different. I tend to leave it three days before we reduce again.I sometimes find if I reduce and the accidents increase and then increase the movicol the accidents can become less. It all depends as well where you are on the bristol stool chart.

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