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Tried Private consultation for chronic constipation

Last week we took my 7yr daughter to see Dr Marcus Auth privately. She has had constipation since she was a baby. She smeary soils most days, get through at least 3 pairs of knickers if the dry like me pads have missed. Sometimes she wets herself. She wears pull ups at night which need changingin the night. She eats well, drinking not so good. So currently she does type 4 poos every evening after dinner. We then give her 2 sachets of laxido mixed in flavoured water and then 15ml senokot. I was hoping to find out why she has constipation and to get her fixed. We didn't get new answers going private. Her bowel is most likely to be stretched from old constipation, which creates a pocket, thus leading to smears. So we just carrying pouring laxido and senna down her until it repairs itself (year or so). If she doesn't go every night we are to give give her sodium picosulfate too to keep poos moving and soft. As for why she gets constipation....theres too many variables apparently. Apologies for the lengthy post but I just wanted to inform you all we had got to and how in case going private made no difference except we did see him 2 days after I called them and it cost £200.

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Thanks so much for posting and sharing your experience, it’s very much appreciated. We are seeing osteopath and chiropractor privately and trying a hypnotherapist next week. Will post when we see results xx


Hi there

Thanks for sharing. My daughters 10 and been soiling since coming out of nappies, also due to constipation. We’ve been under the continence clinic for a 6 month stint and now been under the hospital for nearly 2 years. I’ve often wondered if going private would make a difference. Don’t like to knock the NHS but all they do is poke her tummy, tell us to keep taking ridiculous amounts of laxatives that give her diarrhoea and come back in 4 months. She’s had 2 blood tests and 1 stool test and that’s it. Feel more tests are needed.

Judging by your experience it doesn’t sound like going private will make any difference other than getting you seen quicker if you aren’t already under the NHS.

My daughters doing a little better but mainly because I took matters into my own hands and decided the laxatives were causing more soiling then the constipation! So I’ve been slowly reducing the dose and the accidents are much fewer and far between. Last visit to hospital and another tummy poke confirmed this wasn’t causing her to get backed up again thankfully.

So I’m keeping everything crossed and hoping and praying that this is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck with your daughter

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Thank you for your post , Im sorry it didn't prove to be a more positive experience.

I first posted on here a year ago about my 9 year old grandson who had been constipated since he was 4 months old . All the treatments didn't help at all . So like Louloubelle23 , my daughter decided for herself to discontinue them all . It's been nearly a year now and he's still doing very well . No soiling , no withholding , going to toilet most days and he's a very happy boy !

I wish you all well , be brave .


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