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Movicol impaction making no difference?? What do If its behavioural


Any one find movicol didn't fix the problem? 5 year old never pooed in toilet. Currently been doing impaction and it's had no effect in that he still has not done a poo in the toilet. His poo is now like brown gravy with bits in. Ive been sitting him on the toilet every hour but he just seems to have no sign of when he will poo. I've asked him before and he's always said "I didn't want to stop playing" the school nurse just tells me to go back to the doctor. I emailed ERIC over a month ago and heard nothing. I was hoping to fix the problem before he's back at school (class of 29 and 1 teacher so they can't really help much). I just don't know where to go from here. I think he was constipated as was often brown dried pellets. I've been trapped in the house for two weeks and I'm losing the plot. Any help please. I've tried sticker charts etc etc and nothing seems to help.


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My son is 6 and a half and has had this kind of problem for over a year . Unfortunately movicol is not working for him either . Am in the same boat as you . My son is under a specialist yet not made any difference to our lives 😢

I’m so sorry you’re feeling at a loss. I remember the feeling well. My son is nine now and a couple of years ago I was at the end of my tether. I can’t speak about constipation as I don’t believe my son was ever constipated. Our first continence nurse wanted to clear him out with laxatives but I refused.

After lots of false starts on the NHS I was put on to a private psychotherapist. My son’s last session was a couple of weeks ago and I feel so fortunate that we were able to do it. His accidents have dramatically reduced (can’t remember his last one) and when they do happen he can cope both practically and emotionally. It has really helped with his feelings of shame at having this problem.

I know every case is different and that private treatment is expensive (his dad covered the cost otherwise it would have been impossible) but I had to share as this really helped my son and he has had no medication whatsoever.

I really hope that you find something that works for you and your family. You are most definitely not alone in this; lots of parents on here have expressed feelings of losing the plot. I lost it more than once.

One thing I would add is don’t let the school off too lightly; they have a responsibility to all pupils in their care and if your child had mobility or communication issues for example you’d expect support to be in place. Maybe meet with the SENCO to put a plan in place.

Best of luck-things will get better x

I understand where you are at the moment and it is hard going, but you are not alone and try and keep getting things of your chest.

I reached the point that Movicol was not working it was identified my son was really blocked up and for some time. So for a short period of time they put him on sodium picolate and senna which moved a large proportion of the blockage. My son is now back on movicol and it works better than it did..

I can relate. My 4yr old was on movicol from the age of 1 for constipation. He started potty training at 3 and since he has gone through various phases from ok (no accidents, pooing on the potty with encouragement and reward) and really bad ( several soiled pants a day). We tried every reward style we could think of which would maybe work for a few days but then he’d soil/withold again. The soiling was very messy. When he did do a proper poo it was soft and I started to think the movicol wasn’t helping. Almost 3 weeks ago we stopped the movicol and currently (touch wood) doing a lot better. In fact the last 3 days he’s just taken himself to the toilet for poos. If you think the movicol isn’t working perhaps do a trial without or speak to your GP first as maybe a stimulant laxative and plenty time just sitting on the potty (with books etc) might help. They’re all different and it’s beyond frustrating I know. Hang in there.

I have had this problem with my son since trying to potty train - now 11 .

Keep with the movicol or alternatives - it works eventually took us 2 years to get a sitting routine and even that doesn’t work sometimes.

No rewards charts etc worked etc also had bladder problems- ended up in with Camhs and urology- keep fighting for help via GP, school nurse etc and try and get a paediatric doctor to try and help find solutions - it’s a lot of brick walls but you are not alone ... xx

Does anyone receive DLA for child with chronic constipation/fecal impaction and bowel incontinence

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