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Comes out of school every day with a massive poo everywhere

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How do I fix this? Hes always pooed himself but we used to clean him up. Then he told me that he does it beacuse its easier to poo in his pants than the toilet because he can carry on playing. Iv'e tried to fix this by making him clean himself up, but at school hes just been sitting in his poo all day. Hes nearly 6 so old enough to know and every day this week I;ve said please tell the teacher if you have an accident and clean your self up. Nope every day hes had a poo for ages. We have a 40 minute walk home and I don't know what to do. Iv'e tried bribing, but nothing. In the end I got angry and said he will have to go to a new school without his friends but hes still doing it. I'm going in to see his teacher next week. I don't mind the accidents as I know he cant always help it, it's the fact he just sits in it all day and doesnt seem to care

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Bless you.bug sounds like you need a bit of support from the school to assist your son otherwise he will think it is okay to sit in it all he on any medication or been to the doctor?

Hi there, so sorry to hear of your struggles. My daughters been soiling since coming out of nappies and she’s 10 now, so I feel your pain.

My daughter was the same at that age. She would come home everyday with poo in her pants and not seem to care. How the teachers didn’t smell it I don’t know! I think they choose to ignore it!

As it turned out my daughters problem was constipation. The bowels block so then get stretched leading to the loss of sensation of needing to go. Runny poo would come round the blockage and leak out with my daughter not even being aware. ( the poo nurse video on this site explains it really well).

Is it possible that this could be your sons problem? I know he says he poo’s in his pants on purpose and doesn’t seem to care but it could be that he’s just too embarrassed to admit that he couldn’t feel it... and maybe even more embarrassed to tell a teacher?

It took me a long while to realise my daughter wasn’t doing it on purpose and to get help. It was when I found loads of pairs of soiled pants hidden behind her bed that the penny dropped. Gosh did I feel guilty!!

I might be completely wrong about your son but it might be worth getting to the doctors and getting them to feel his tummy to see if he’s blocked. Oh, and even if he goes to poo fairly regularly, he could still be blocked amazingly!!

Good luck with it x

Hi ya. I'm so sorry to hear you are struggling. I think alot of us here have got to the stage where we have done things and wished we hadn't. The one thing i did was make my son wash his dirty pants.

It took me ages to realise and get my head around that once they have done a mess in their pants they cant smell it and also my son sat in poo for hours if he could because he didnt know he had gone he just didn't have the sensation. I thought it was because he was to busy playing but i dont think he realised what he had done.

One of the things that is helping us is sitting him on the toilet 20 mins after a meal for about 10 Mims. As this is the one time he is most likely to go but it has taken us along time and persistence to get to that. I find if we can get something out of him at these times we can just get through school without a significant mess.

Hi, sorry to hear what you are going through, I’ve been there and it’s just a horrible situation to be in. My son would often say he didn’t want to stop playing but I actually don’t think that was true, he was really constipated and firstly had lost a lot of sensation and also just said it as a defence mechanism because he didn’t have an answer. I would definitely explore this route as a first option. Good luck

Hi, when I was your son's age I often pooed myself and carried on whatever I was doing in messy pants until someone smelt what I had done. I explain why I did this in my blog post, which you may find useful: childhoodsoiling.blogspot.c...

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