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Change in laxative


Hi there, just wondering if anyone could help me? My daughter was managing a soft poo everyday with one movicol a day. However the last few weeks we’ve been having wetting accidents and some occasional soiling. I’m going to do a disimpaction over the weekend but was wondering if anyone had experience of needing more laxative. It’s a bit depressing as I thought we’d be needing less not more as we went on.

Should also note she is a coeliac although I’m increasingly thinking her coeliac is nothing to do with her constipation! Thanks

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How long has she been on movicol for? We needed to up ours a few weeks after we first started it and I’ve seen other people say the same. My daughter’s had a stable dosage for a while now but I do still notice variations in what comes out - depending on what she’s eaten and fluid intake and there have been a couple of occasions where I’ve done a bit of extra if I think she’s getting constipated. Good idea to do a disimpaction and make sure bowel is clear. X

Hi, when you talk about disimpaction what do you do?

I previously did a disimpaction with dulcolax (sodium picosulphate) as it works a bit quicker and it’s hard to get there to take enough movicol to make a difference. Also, she is at school, so I don’t want to take her off for too long.

Hi 1705charlotte - It’s when you increase the dose of movicol or other stool softener to clear out the bowel. You have to keep going until they just pass clear brown water with no lumps. The idea is to completely empty the bowels of any poo that could be lodged or blocking. ERIC have some great Informatiojn on their website on how to do it:

It can really vary how long it takes to get to the brown water. I’ve only done it once and it took about 3 day’s but I have seen others take longer/shorter on here.

We having been dealing with this for six years and did gradually reduce it but at Christmas had to do another disimpaction and increase the maintenance dose to three sachets a day. It does vary as to what they need Maybe they need more as they get bigger.

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