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I have a 10 year old son who has never been dry day or night - constipation a issue as avoids using toilet.

We have finally got to a urologist after a mri showed nothing significant which was done after seeing a paediatric doctor.

Now I have to wait to see Bristol urologist and he has written saying Botox not a option at Bristol but may be other options and would consider the drugs I mentioned in the title.

I don’t like changing drugs much as normally have bad side effects etc and so I wondered two things

Any one any experience of the above drugs?

How is Bristol at actually finding out what the cause is and treatment ?

I am really really getting fed up with the whole thing - starting to despair x

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What drugs is your son currently on?

Assume he’s done numerous urine charts?

Im guessing a combination of conclusions taken from charts over a period of time after taking medication that should in theory make a positive change but I’m guessing it hasn’t. The MRI will be to rule alternative things out other then wetting/constipation.

I would recommend speaking to the urologist you saw and asking that exact Q; how’d you come to that result and decide what medication to give him.

I always come out of an appointment thinking “I wish I’d asked that!!!” No harm in contacting their secretary and requesting a call back for your peace of mind

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere NICE guidelines for Overactive Bladder and the path medical professionals should take; first line of medication Oxybutinin, then Tolterodine, lastly Solifenacin (Vesicare)

My nearly 9 year old son has daytime wetting/OAB He’s has two of the meds and currently in Solifecin for well over a year. We’ve seen minimal change and urgency still exists. They doubled his dose to 10mg/day 6 months ago, again with little change and if I could chose I’d rather he didn’t take these tablets. However side effects of Oxybutinin for him were very noticeable such a moody outbursts and extreme dry mouth.

Any other Qs let me know and hope this helps?

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Just before school run - he has been on oxybutinin 7.5mg for ages and doesn’t now take the full dose which was suppose to be 7.5mg twice a day as side effects of dry mouth annoys him too much - we hadn’t realised that moody outbursts couldn’t be attributed to it ....

He takes desmopressin acetate for night 2 x 0.2mg and movicol.

He did try some alternatives but felt sick after 3 month trials when they tried to change them so back to the Oxy.



Ps loads of urine charts !!

Will reply more later - thank you for your reply


Request he be changed a Tolterodine. This one suited my child as far as less side effects

Oxybutinin changed my happy boy into Incredible Hulk with unexplained outbursts


Obviously all medications have side effects and different children will react differently to different medicines but the only change to my sons life was that he started Oxybutinin straightaway!

Another thing which we discovered last year, our local pharmacist told us that Solifecin/Vesicare is the most explode out of all of these 3 options, which why I assume is the last option to give to kids!


We tried tolterodine - that was the one that made him feel sea sick all the time - we had 2 attempts at that.


Go for Solifecin or ask what are the other options (Botox is not available in our area either, again no continuity of treatment given around the country!!)

We’re waiting for funding for PTNS treatment to be authorised

Does he get these meds in liquid or tablet form?

My son had liquid Oxybutinin and made him gag everytime but got on better with tablets so now has two small tablets/day


My previous message meant to say “our pharmacist said they Solifecin was the most EXPENSIVE out of the 3 options”

(not EXPLODE!)


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