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5 days with no poo...2 days until Drs appointment...what shall I do?

Getting very concerned now that it has been 5 days since my daughter last did a poo. The longest she has held it for a year. With a very stubborn attitude towards the whole situation she is refusing to do anything that will help. She won't have a warm bath, she won't sit on the toilet and wait for any longer than it takes to do a wee. No amount of bribery or rewards on offer will help. Are there any natural laxatives I can try today that might help before Drs on Fri or should I be seeking mddical advice now?

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If you are so concerned that you can’t wait until Friday I’d request an urgent call back from the docs this morning OR visit your pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist. Depending on the age of your child, you can get tiny child size suppositories over the counter. When daughter was 2 years old we were given one to ease her constipation as a one off whilst waiting for the movicol to work and used them more recently on my 8 year old son prior to doing the Movicol disimpaction process.

Within 10mins he was sat in the toilet and definitely eases their discomfort

Use baby oil or a lubricant get them to lie on their side with knees bent upwards towards their chest. Give them something to play with as a distraction like an electronic device and you gently put it in. Easy!!

Think they’re called Biscodyl but ask your pharmacist

Hope that helps and good luck!

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Thanks. Went to Urgent Care Centre last night after a 45min stand off with my daughter over having a bath and not wanting to let the poo out. We got Movicol so starting it this morning! Really hoping she drinks it without to much fuss. Our main problem is her stubborness and refusal to do things that will help her. Fingers crossed. X


Update...don't know if was the one sachet of Movicol this morning, the final discussion on the matter that went along the lines of "I am going to stop asking you to try for a poo if you promise me that when the urge to go happens you don't ignore it and you try" or the fact that you can't hold a poo for more than 6 days but we have now had success! The relief is immense and the drinking Movicol seems to be going Ok with some blackcurrant squash with it. Really hope we start moving in the right direction now!


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