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4yr old soiling again -what to do?


My son has started pooing in his pants again (3 times today and on and off for a couple of weeks).

He had been pooing in his pants since we started potty training and only got correct diagnosis of chronic constipation 2 months ago. We started the clear out and had success.

Over Christmas we missed some doses of movicol and his diet wasn’t the best. he had the odd accident but now it seems he has regressed.

So what do we do now? Does re-soiling mean he’s constipated again ?

Should we do another clear out or increase the maintenance dose of movicol? He’s on 1 sachet a day.

Any advice very much appreciated.


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Good morning. You could try upping the dose but it sounds like he needs another clear out, especially if the pooh is sticking to his bottom and would be difficult for him to wipe.

Yes definitely sounds like need to do another clearout.

Bbja in reply to jane-anna

Thank you!

We relapsed over Christmas too , it’s change in routine , diet etc ... I just took a deep breath and began again . Don’t worry there will be many times where things go off balance !!!

Bbja in reply to Booloo

Thank you!

Thank you!

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