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Newly diagnosed constipation and just not a fear of having a poo on potty/toilet!

Newbie here. My 3 year old has been diagnosed with constipation even though we thought it was a fear of going for a poo from a bad bout of constipation many months ago! Spoke to a continent advisor today who is attached to the school and everything now makes sense!! GP saw us straight away and had our first dose of Movicol this evening...just looking for inspiration because I'm now thinking maybe I should of tried harder with previous GPs and not have been shrugged off & "it's a child thing and will grow out of"!! I've been assured we have caught it early but I just feel a little bit overwhelmed as I thought we were only going to have hints of tips of trying to get him back to having poos on the potty! I do believe constipation is due to having a dairy intolerance as he came off cow's milk after his nasty constipation, for now we have been advised to keep his diet as it is and that will be reviewed again once his nerves and bowel has returned back to normal!?

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