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London - private continence nurse or dr?

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I'm having trouble getting support for my daughter who is witholding due to fear.

Because she is only just 3, she is seen as a slow potty trainer not what she is - a child who could hold but can't anymore after constipation damage. Very frustrating as the longer its left the worse it gets.

We have the movicol but need a medic to advise on strategies, timing, what to tell nursery etc.

Any recommendations?

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Have you spoken to your local continence service? Some of them have a paediatric department.

In the end we went to Dr Niedermeyer in Richmond, she was really nice. Cost £100. However this included a care plan for the next few months etc. My GP is happy to do an NHS script for movicol on the basis of written notes from the appointment so all good.

I phoned the continence clinic but no one ever called back. :(

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