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Dr/ consultant / paediatrician recommendation for poo withholding


Can anyone recommend a good dr who understands this condition. We have seen a paediatric gastrointestinal consultant who was pretty dismissive and daughter has been withholding for a year (she’s on movicol and senna). We’ve had 6 months of regular nightly poos but this has now ended and we’re getting lots of soiling, feel like we need to take action but with a Dr who understands this condition

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What area do you live in?

London/ South East - sorry should have added that !

Might be worth asking your gp or google your nhs trust for children's psychological services. Think we were lucky in our area that their service extended to this problem, not all will, but you might get some private recommendations as well. Our son was years withholding and on movicol and when six had some really lovely 'play sessions' with a clinical psychologist and I think it really helped all of us. Not a complete miracle cure but a big part of withholding treatment that seems to be neglected at the moment but seems so obvious. Good luck

Lots of people on here have mentioned the Evelina hospital. If you want to go down the private route I remember someone posting about a gastroenterologist called Mike Thompson. Sounds like another disimpaction is required and then maybe a stimulant like Senna to be introduced alongside the movicol.

Hi Gardengertie.

I'm from SE2 London

And I struggled for years to find a Dr that understand this condition. They all use to make me feel like I'm the only parent going through this i even had one Dr laugh and told me no way could my child only have a bowel movement once a month. I don't usually go to A&E but I had enough of being fobbed off for years. I recommend waiting till you know your child bowels are full then go Lewisham A&E that's what I did. The pediatrician referred me to children's outpatients my child has now been under a doctor called doctor Gomez for about a year she been brilliant. And all the advise and working with me & my child. My child has made very good progress.

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