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School blues

I've just collected my little one from school and although school are lovely it's so hard. She's taken hourly to toilet but despite that has been changed twice ( she often wees more than once an hour) and she's so sore that she can't sit down!!! After doing til 2:30 for the first time. School can't do more than they're doing but she wees so often and so she's obviously sat wet a while til the next pants check.

She'd had one accident by 8am this morning. Two at school ( at least, cos her padded pants can take a couple of accidents so she could have had more.) then from now til bedtime she will have a couple more maybe. ( despite weeing on the loo all the time)

School is making her sore. And me upset.

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Sorry it's making her sore. My son has just started reception and he's having constant accidents. Coming home with soiled pants and trousers in a bin bag every day. School have been amazing, but I feel so bad for him, and really worry about how other children will react. He's such a bubbly boy I don't want it to knock him socially. You're not alone x



I have extremely similar issues with my 6 year old son. Have seen a paediatrician who suspects Overactive Bladder and has referred us to urology for a formal diagnosis.

My son is taken to the toilet hourly, encouraged to drink (water only) and has just started wearing pads in his pants. I am using Tena Lady pads for him which are quite discreet, even the maximum absorption ones. The supermarket own ones disintegrated when they got too wet, which was embarrassing for him.

Maybe pads would hold the water away from your daughter's skin better than padded pants? Would using a barrier cream like sudocrem/vaseline be helpful?

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My son went through the same when he started school and as another person has suggested, use a barrier/nappy cream. Apply it just before your LO starts school in the morning

Good luck!


Same situation here, our son is 7 (almost 8) and is now under our local continence clinic. It is hard work for the child, teachers and parents too...good idea with the barrier cream. I am going to do that this winter. Our lad got chapped skin winter before last. I send 3 pairs of dry stuff in a day, and ask the teachers to remind him to change at lunch. He has many little accidents. Overactive bladder suspected after scans etc ruled out anything else. Meds on the way. I think we've all had enough of wet pants and loo dashes. Didn't really want medicine, but I think its a last resort and the nurse said it is effective in a lot of cases. Fingers crossed at our house. We got referred as soon as he was 7 but I'm sure I read on NHS website that NICE guidelines say GP doesn't have to wait for any particular age. So if concerned, do ask them to refer. It might be a fair old wait to see someone anyway! Good luck, you are not alone x


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